Add:Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre

04.19 - 04.22

Time: 19-22April,2019
Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre



The UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) has been established by UNESCO since 2004, concerning cultural aspects of Design, Literature, Film, Music, Gastronomy, Media Arts, and Crafts& Folk Art. As of 2019, 180 cities from 72 countries have joined the network.

Shenzhen, as one of the Cities of Design, is famous for its young, creative and passionate cultural atmosphere. Since 2008, the year Shenzhen joined the Creative Cities Network, Shenzhen has actively communicated and cooperated with other creative cities, promoting the value of creative design brands of Shenzhen to the world. Today, Shenzhen has already taken the precedent in the field of design.


During the first decade in the UNESCO "City of Design", Shenzhen had been seeking for further connections between cities in the Network and developing profound communication among global design talents via the city's vibrant cultural influence and its local advantages.





City, where people connect with each other, where settling Me and others. For today, City is not an unemotionally physical space, instead of where gathering identities and feelings. While the fusion of aesthetic styles directed by high-speed globalization process makes cities to show an assimilative trend. Recalling the pass or calling for an urban new has argued and meanwhile mixed with each other. WHAT THE CULTURAL CORE OF A CITY IS what the Exhibition of the Creative Cities Network 2019, Me and 1m³ of City seeking for——exploring the City of Me.


The committee first gathered entries from designers from all over the world, who had tried performing the city of them by their work. And the public could also submit their entry for telling the story behind about the city they have been or have imaged to be.


The committee selected the 20 most popular cities by the amounts of exhibited items gathered for each city, and a 1m³ of space will be reserved for every city respectively on our exhibition.


To a city, m³ is only a slight unit; however, to items supported by emotions, to stories teamed by reality, heart, and soul, a 1m³ space would be an infeciouse place. Works from designers and things from the public stands respectively to design ideas and domestic stories. They operate the same cultural identities in separate ways. 


This exhibition is far more than piecing cultural icon. It is pouring emotion upon the 1m³ of City, re-recognizing creative cities. Those entries originated from and inspired by real-life could represent domestically cultural traits, showing the soul of where they from.