free panorama

free panorama

Add:Shenzhen Pingshan Cultural Centre, Exhibition Hall

04.20 - 06.16

项目名称:  释放全景 
Project Name:  free panorama

展期: 2019.4.20-2019.6.16

开放时间: 10:00-18:00
Opening Time:

Location :  Shenzhen Pingshan Cultural Centre, Exhibition Hall

其他合作机构Others/Partners: 华润文化体育有限公司

是否收取门票:是 (¥20.00 )
 Entry Free: N RMB 20





释放全景 free panorama 既指飞速变化的科技给新媒体艺术发展带来日新月异的可能,同时是一次全面呈现,每一件作品都会带给观者更“新”的体验,本次展览是有关新媒体艺术本身及新媒体艺术与其他领域共生的一切可能性。不仅呈现全球新媒体艺术领域的最新思考、还将呈现文化/近当代艺术领域杰出的创作与项目,分享所有形式的想法。是开放式的创作集合,新媒体艺术家与艺术合作者将分享他们的新媒体艺术思维与探索。这里不单是声、光、电、影的融合,也是思想的碰撞。在此,你可以看到最佳实践方式、数字媒体的使用、科学发现、信息通信技术、交互技术在艺术创作中如何被采用与实现精彩效果。



Introduction of the Project: 


《 free panorama 》refers to the rapid development of new media art due to technological advances, and at the same time, an overall representation of new media art — each work will bring the viewers a "new" experience. This exhibition is about all possibilities concerning new media art itself and the symbiosis of new media art and other fields. It presents the pioneering thoughts in global media art world and outstanding creations and projects in the area of culture, modern and contemporary art, sharing ideas of all forms. This is an open collection of creative works where new media artists and art collaborators share their inspirations and explorations of new media art. The collection is not just about the fusion of sound, light, electricity and shadow — it is more of a cross-pollination of ideas. Free panorama will explore how the best practices, digital media, scientific discoveries, information and communications technology (ICT), and interactive technologies are used in artistic creation to bring about spectacular outcomes.