The adventurous Waste Hunt

Exhibition Introduction

Exhibition Introduction


The invasion of the incident outbreak has brought countless loss to human beings which made us revalue our relationship with the enviorment from the civilizational pyramid.

Ask the following questions to ourselves - What have we done to this earth? And is it a karma?

How can we balance our lives to get along with the planet.

Participating Artists

Wang Xi




Acrylic Painting with waste materials.

Ma Sai


重塑与生产Rebuilding and Production (2).jpg

Rebuilding and Production

Waste Woods




Deep Sea


N.O.C. is an NGO organization who dedicates improving the ocean ecology from educational perspective to sync with the awareness of the market. Team members from different professions lead various eco-friendly projects like detection, diving photography and documentary, ocean waste cleaning etc. to grow the achievements and let people understand what the relationship we should maintain with the ocean is.

Zhou Cheng Zhou


价值边缘(Marginal Value)001.jpg

Marginal Value


Li Zi Ran



Garbage Truck

Installation in adjustable size.

We believe seeding a sustainable aesthetics into this project will share the best way for every one to understand the waste sorting better in an educational and artistic perspective.

Creating series of cartoon characters into different interactions in this exhibition instead of speaking in serious doctrine is the ultimate idea we would like to spread.

Please go having fun and learning with companies, make sure you will discover the must-know knowledge we just prepared.  And of course there are two separated parts within online and physical exhibitions binding to present to all the caring audiences.



Online exhibition: 2020/08/15 - 2020/12/31

Offline exhibition: 2020/08/22 - 2020/10/31

Location: Space NT114 , South Street, Nantou ancient city, Nanshan District 



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Media Information