Crafting the Future: New Value of Tradition

Exhibition Introduction

Exhibition Introduction

From generation to generation, both the basis and motivation for our traditional handicraft are derived from the living individuals at that time. For thousands of years, people have actively or passively integrated their skills to support their families with the new consciousness, new ideas and new values of the time, so that the 'tradition' can be passed on and have its vitality.

In this exhibition, FAN ZHANG explores the fine gold craft of ancient royal jewellery; PINWU combines the modern home furnishing product design with the folk handicrafts from Southeast China; MUKZIN deconstructs the oriental traditional aesthetics; RONGBRAND attempts to "activate Chinese brand with Chinese culture"; QINGWEI GUO redefines the function and aesthetics of the traditional water jar; WEI WU practices the traditional embroidery in jewelry design and making; and DAHAODESIGN explores and discovers the unique natural resources, traditional culture, arts and crafts of Tibet. All of these are continuations of this path. With a more open mind, we re-recognize, redefine, re-interpret, and re-integrate our traditional skills into the current and future narrative methods.



NANTOU CITY: 2020.08.22-10.31  

ONLINE: 2020.08.15-12.31

OPEN HOURS: 10:00 – 17:00





Jewelry artist, designer, professor of CAFA, committed to the study of ancient jewelry craft and culture, and applied it to the study of the future of contemporary jewelry design.

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Founder and principal designer of PINWU and Rong Library, team leader of From Yuhang Project, curator of Róng design exhibition.

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Founder and principal designer of PINWU and Rong Library, graduated from DOMUS Academy in Italy and has worked in Italy, Germany and Finland.

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Founder and principal designer of PINWU and Rong Library, was born in Serbia, graduated from Belgrade University of Applied Arts.



Fashion designer, established the brand of Mukzin in 2014. Standing on a pan-Asia perspective and following the consumption trend “Oriental Fever”, she deconstructs the majestic and myriad Chinese traditional culture, via original modern costume design, and bring about a neo-orientalist aesthetic language in a brand-new dimension.



Rongbrand was established in 2009. It is a new type of “Brand Overall Service Partner” that born under the background of China’s consumption upgrading. Rong Brand keeps focusing on the fields of Chinese cuisine and Chinese tea. Taking “Chinese culture activates Chinese brands” as the mission and goal of development, it provides integrated, systematic brand upgrading and brand incubating solution. Rongbrand emphasizes the balance between cognition and aesthetics. It values not only “business effect”, but also “national aesthetics”.



Interior designer, member of Architectural Society of China, director of Interior Design Branch of Architectural Society of China, Deputy secretary of Design branch of Architectural Decoration Association of Shanxi, design director of Guo Qingwei Interior Design Studio in Shanxi.



Artist, she has been creating embroidery and painting since 2010. Her embroidery insect collection combines embroidery and brooch, two seemingly different things, giving a new place for displaying the traditional Chinese skills.



Founder of DAHAODESIGN, a design and research studio focusing on MINGEI design, crafts development, and social enterprise projects.



Hǎo Ji Creative Lab, a creative team founded in 2018, focuses on the contemporary design, participates in local and international cultural exchange projects, and provides analysis and consultation for cross-border projects.

  • Compassion for the Future: Wellbeing Design in Practice @ 2019 Shenzhen Design Week, a discussion on the global topic of SUSTAINABILITY;

  • New media art exhibition with DROWYEK @ 2019 Beijing Design Week, explores immersive interactive installation, live performance,etc. 

  • Crafting the Future: New Value of Tradition @ 2020 Shenzhen Design Week, focuses on how contemporary design can expand the future of traditional Chinese handicraft with a more open mind.


Media Information

Media Information