The Shenzhen Global Design Award Serial Events

Exhibition Introduction

Exhibition Introduction

The City of Design Shenzhen established the Shenzhen Global Design Award (SDA) in 2018 and this competition is another international professional design competition after the Shenzhen Design Award for Young Talents. SDA is hosted by Shenzhen Design Week & Global Design Award Organizing Committee, administered by Shenzhen innovation & Creative Design Development Office, organized by Shenzhen City of Design Promotion Association. SDA focuses on designs for sustainability and is held annually as one of the key events of Shenzhen Design Week.

The unexpected coronavirus pandemic brought immeasurable losses to our life and society. As the pandemic is currently still raging in many countries and regions, how we cope with it is a common task for all of us, and it raised new topics for the global design communities.

Shenzhen Global Design Award has always been focusing on sustainable development; hence the organizing committee sets up a special edition for 2020 – Anti-Coronavirus Product Design Award. We invite designers and design companies around the world to enter to find more and better solutions to combat this disease. This attempt echoes with the permanent theme of SDA: Design for Sustainability.


DESIGN PING+PONG is a special event for the 2020 Shenzhen Global Design Award (SDA) that invites designers from different categories of architecture, advertisement, fashion, product design to share the latest practices and cases and inspire design thinking via talks and forums. Let's see what these designers would like to share with us!



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Vol.1: "DESIGN PING+PONG" | Fashion Sensation


Anna Yang

The founder of ANNAKIKI and has already held several runway shows in Milan Fashion Week. The theme of ANNAKIKI collection for SS20 is about a girl who lives in 2080 and travels back in time to 1980. This new collection blends the vintage vibe and futurism, and re-interprets the 80s style through a futuristic perspective. In the meanwhile, Anna Yang seeks to merge fashion and technology. In May 2019, ANNAKIKI cooperated with HUAWEI Italy. The theme of this cross-field interaction was about the possibilities of the connection between AI and fashion design. ANNAKIKI FOR HUAWEI Collection was inspired by the colors of HUAWEI P30 series; Anna Yang boldly used many technological and futuristic elements, such as luminous ropes and reflective fabrics.


Perry Bai

The founder of BAI.S & PARTNERS, a creative company based on graphic design. It provides design services for different types of brands; currently, it pays more attention to the fusion of fashion and art culture. BAI.S & PARTNERS has cooperated with many famous brands, such as ASICS, New Balance, and Tamiya 4WD. The theme of BAI.S & PARTNERS×Tamiya 4WD is the Chinese Tibetan culture. The car is brightly colored and heavily embellished with symmetrical Tibetan patterns to convey the spirit of void and nothingness. The four elements on its body -- earth, fire, wind, water, and water -- are all presented in Tibetan form.

Vol.2: "DESIGN PING+PONG" | Consumption Replace


Camo Lin 

The co-founder of Heyyo Music (China's largest vinyl record label), the founder of Drii Design, and the co-founder of TPDG Taipei Contemporary Design Group. In the early time, he tried to use bamboo as the source material in his creation, because bamboo is the symbol of Chinese culture and are widely used in traditional Chinese food, architecture, furniture design and so on. Lin combined this natural material and modern industrial materials as well as techniques, managed to create a variety of bamboo products, such as bamboo briefcases, bamboo fans, and bamboo chandelier. Lin regarded “consumption replace” as the replacement of consumers, and raised a question that we are all facing: “When the main force of consumers are the 95s or even millenniums, how should our brands and products respond to this consumer group?”


Levo Chen

The business founder of InDare Design. InDare Design’s work -- Moon Mirror has been awarded the Bronze Award of the 2018 Shenzhen Global Design Award. In recent years, Chen has been appraised by Shenzhen Government as Shenzhen’s High-level Overseas Talent (Class A), Futian District Talent and 2018 Shenzhen Economic Daily Creative and Influential Person of the Year. In 2019, he won the national award -- Guanghua Dragon Award and was awarded the “Top Ten Outstanding Youths in Design Industry of Guangdong" and listed in the "Chinese Design Youths 100 List". He participated in the design of Futian District's transportation system and aimed to achieve the coordination between the city's appearance and its functional needs. He is also involved in the design of multiple home appliances, such as cosmetic mirrors and electric toothbrushes; he prioritizes the needs of consumers. While improving the user experience, he establishes emotional connections between users and products through product appearance design.

Vol. 3: "DESIGN PING+PONG" | Art Remould


Tiger Pan

Product packaging designer, founded the Tiger Pan Packaging Design Lab in 2012. He is the designer of the UNPA (United Nations Postal Administration) Stamp of Dog in 2018, and the Vice President of Shenzhen Illustration Association. He uses creative design to empower products and has cooperated with many top brands. In the packaging design of Chu’s Orange, he highlights the image of the founder, Shijian Chu, and creates a signifying effect. This work has won the Red Dot Design Award 2016, and the Silver Award (Communications Design Category) of Shenzhen Global Design Award 2019.


Jody Xiong

Worked for 4A advertising companies for nearly 20 years. He established The Nine, an independent creative agency in 2016. Xiong breaks through the forms of traditional advertising and combines installation art, space design, and brand advertising. At the 2018 AWE (Appliance & electronics World Expo), The Nine created a 12-meter-high ‘BRAIN’ installation for Vatti, a Chinese brand dedicated to high-end intelligent kitchen appliances. For the branding of ROKID ME Portable Smart Speaker, The Nine planned a “Handheld Concert” -- a combination of music performance and installation art -- to accurately and vividly convey the brand values.

Vol. 4: "DESIGN PING+PONG" | New Space


Manfred Yuen

Graduated from the Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge, founded Groundwork Architecture in 2007. He is committed to exploring the relationship between humans and architecture. When designing Shenzhen King’s Kindergarten, he made the wall into a curved surface. All space is composed of a combination of circles, triangles, and squares, which inspires children to explore the space. At the same time, he set aside a large and open atrium to allow birds, butterflies, and other natural elements to enter freely, so that children can feel and respect nature. His works “Gingko House” and “The Mahjong School Philanthropists” received the Gold and Silver Awards of Shenzhen Global Design Award 2019.


Uno Chan

The founder of TOMO Architecture & Design firm. TOMO has cooperated with HEYTEA, the most popular and fashionable tea brand in China, on the design of more than 40 HEYTEA stores, covering Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Changsha, and other cities. Each store has its own features. During this project, TOMO keeps exploring the unique characteristics of HEYTEA and digging into the DNA of this brand.

Vol. 5: "DESIGN PING+PONG" | Next Artisan


Hei Yiyang

The founder and creative director of SenseTeam. In cooperation with Volkswagen, he used data visualization technology, which allowed consumers to directly “see” the engine power of cars. After the typhoon “Mangkhut” hit Shenzhen in 2018, his team launched the Mangkhut Project. They made the Mangkhut-broken branches and trunks into chairs and placed them in public places, which promoted the interaction between the public, nature, and the city.


Pan Yanrong

He is engaged in books, branding, packaging design, and other related work. He has received the Best Book Design from all over the World, Leipzig, Germany, Honorary Appreciation (2018) Awards; D&AD Award, London, UK, 1 Graphite Pencil, 5 Wood Pencils (2019, 2018, 2017); ADC 98th Annual Award 2019, NY, USA, 1 Bronze Award (2019); ONE SHOW DESIGN, NY, USA, 2 Silver Pencils, 1 Bronze Pencil (2019, 2018) and many other international awards. In book design, improving reading experience is his main focus. In the talk, he said: “Good paper media works need to have three elements: great content, great design, and great production. Only when these three conditions are met can it be called a good work.”



Shenzhen City of Design Promotion Association (SDPA) is a semi-official and non-profit body commissioned by Shenzhen municipal government to manage and brand “the City of Design” program. It is the focal point for UNESCO Creative Cities Network programme, maintaining liaison with UNESCO and other creative cities around the world.


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